Stonewashed Titanium

Lightweight & durable

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From: $54.95


What’s included?

      • (1) Branded hinged tin
      • (1) KeyBar with a titanium pocket clip in the color of your choice
      • (2) 1/2″ screws (up to 4 keys)
      • (2) 3/4″ screws (up to 8 keys)
      • (2) 7/8″ screws (up to 12 keys)
      • (20) Washers
      • (2) O rings (allows you to adjust the tension)
      • (1) Titanium key fob link

    Will my keys fit?

    Use the following dimensions to find out:

      • Length of the KeyBar – 3.5″
      • Width of each rounded end – .95″
      • Distance between screw holes – 2.55″
      • Screw post diameter – .164″

How much does the KeyBar weigh?

      • Less than 2 ounces
      • Less than 4 house keys

    What can I put in the KeyBar?

      • Up to 12 keys and inserts with included screws
      • Up to 28 keys and inserts with extension screws

20 reviews for Stonewashed Titanium

  1. Florian

    I just got one and lert me tell you…i LOVE it….its light weight is super strong the finish is AWSOME and it just fits my pockets right…my edc key Option from now in…not the last key bar i’ll buy.

  2. mark.colin (verified owner)

    Amazing. That is the only word that describes this.

  3. Jesse (verified owner)

    Love the key bar makes life a little easier and more comfortable, the pocket clip makes it worth it.. key bar should offer the deep carry pocket clip as a standard option in my opinion. The original clip works somewhat but moves around and loosens so I don’t trust it. Deep carry is what I use… definitely recommend KeyBar

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Coming to you from a Keysmart. Two gentle suggestions: give option of clip/no clip. I happened to have the right mini driver to remove it but most folks would not. Also, would love to babe screw sized in between smallest and next length up. Very pleased with quality.

  5. Justin L. (verified owner)

    The Keybar is pretty cool. I like the concept. I ended up sending the titanium one back to get the carbon fiber model. I like how organized my keys are.

  6. Vicki (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, works as intended!

  8. Thierry Ménoret (verified owner)

  9. Roland Vasquez (verified owner)

    Great style

  10. Casey Blue (verified owner)

  11. Luke (verified owner)

    I love the Keybar. It’s a great way to organize my keys and keep them out of my pocket. I just wish there was a way to attach it to my belt loop or belt.

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    Great quality. If you are curious like I was, no issues in the airport as long as it’s just your keys on there.

  13. Spencer (verified owner)

    Very happy. I had high expectations and this surpassed those by a long shot.

  14. Stephen Matherson (verified owner)

    A KeyBar is to keys what a wallet is to cash.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality product. I was tired of having my keys flailing around in my pocket and this solved the problem by significantly minimizing my key chain. Great build and with the ability to add many different inserts this is a great addition to any EDC.

  16. Juan S. (verified owner)

    I love my keybar, I got one as a Christmas gift about 4 years ago, so when I purchased a second car, I had to get another keybar for my new car key. Great product!

  17. Robert Harter (verified owner)

    Great quality and very rugged.

  18. Devon (verified owner)

    Waited on this purchase for a long time and glad I made the plunge. Really a useful tool. No more fumbling around for a key/bulky pockets. Took some time to put together, but totally worth it.

  19. Anthony Tran (verified owner)

    Second Keybar actually and just as awesome as the first. Fast delivery and excellent product. Product is as advertised!

  20. Samuel (verified owner)

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