Mini Utility Tool Insert

Designed for the KeyBar

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Be prepared for anything with our MUT which features a titanium body and an easy to install or remove steel razor blade. Includes spare blades which can be installed without disassembling your KeyBar.

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Utility tool with titanium body and steel blade. Tool includes ten replacement blades. Replacement mini utility blades are available at Harbor Freight. Blade can be removed without having to disassemble your KeyBar.


Blade Housing Installation Instructions

First install a washer.  Then, take the thumb stud plate and install it with the screw heads down.  Next, place the tension plate on top of the thumb stud plate.  Finish assembling KeyBar.

Blade Installation Instructions

To install the blade, open the tension plate all the way to expose the pocket.  Drop the razor blade into place, making sure it is flat in the pocket so that it is secure.  Close tension plate. Mini Utility Tool Insert is ready for use.


The KeyBar Mini Utility Tool Insert is intended for use with your KeyBar product.  The Mini Utility Tool Insert is, of course, very sharp and could cause bodily injury if not handled carefully.  Users of the KeyBar Mini Utility Tool Insert should take special care to ensure that the blade insert itself is not left exposed when not in use, and that it is folded fully into the closed position.  Never use the Mini Utility Tool Insert while otherwise occupied or distracted, such as when operating a motor vehicle.  Users of the Mini Utility Tool Insert should also use extreme caution when using the Mini Utility Tool Insert, as there is the potential for bodily injury.   The Mini Utility Tool Insert is not a toy, and is likewise not intended to be used as a hunting, or similar knife, and will not withstand forces necessary to cut through thick or solid materials.  The Mini Utility Tool Insert is not a replacement for ordinary, or everyday knives, but is only intended for very light use.  KeyBar, LLC is not responsible for any injury caused by misuse of the Mini Utility Tool Insert or negligence on the part of its owner or user.

47 reviews for Mini Utility Tool Insert

  1. David (verified owner)

    The knife works well. The flipper makes it easy to deploy and return. Good purchase!

  2. Patrick S. (verified owner)

    Awsome box cutter. Allows me to protect blade on my custom swiss army knife. My keybar with mini utility and bottle opener makes my everyday carry complete.

  3. SHAIN TERRY (verified owner)

  4. Robert (verified owner)

  5. Jessica hamaker (verified owner)

    Nice to have if and when I do need it to open packages

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Tyler Dowling (verified owner)

    I love it sweet little gadget

  8. Jenny (verified owner)

  9. Zachary S. (verified owner)

  10. Travis W. (verified owner)

  11. Alex (verified owner)

  12. Daymin M. (verified owner)

    Fantastic idea and I use it every single day. Still playing with washers yo stop it from accidentally slip outwhen I grab a key. But I would highly recommend this, extremely convention

  13. Daniel M. (verified owner)

  14. Kai (verified owner)

    I really love this tool, anyone know where i can purchase more blades when the time comes that i run out?

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. JAMES L. (verified owner)

    Great to have for stuff you don’t want to use your good knife on

  17. Keaton Kilgore (verified owner)

  18. Corey (verified owner)

  19. Jason L. (verified owner)

    Perfect in a pinch

  20. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great quality! Excellent addition!

  21. darkwish98 (verified owner)

    Makes your keybar looks sick, keep in mind this needs to be the first or last of your inserts so the tiny stoppers hit the keybar itself to work as intended. Its just great to always have a utility tool on hand, ALWAYS.

  22. John C. (verified owner)

  23. Tyler T. (verified owner)

  24. Joe Torres (verified owner)

  25. José Dante (verified owner)

    Useful item, very well constructed

  26. Clay L. (verified owner)

    Nice addition to my keybar. Very well made. Thanks

  27. Robert N. (verified owner)

  28. Lance (verified owner)

    It cuts and stows nicely. You need okay tension to hold it in place but it works well.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It works flawlessly

  30. Christopher H. (verified owner)

  31. Alfredo Rangel (verified owner)

  32. Eric LITTLE (verified owner)

  33. Roberto M. (verified owner)

  34. Ryan (verified owner)

    I got this in the bronze offering, absolutely awesome! Works perfect with my Micarta JR.

  35. Garry (verified owner)

    Love this very handy

  36. KHALED (verified owner)

    A very powerful tool that can handle everything

  37. Saul Gaitanos (verified owner)

    Good addition with my screwdriver combo and pick insert along my 7 keys.

  38. Jim (verified owner)

    love this insert. Super sharp, cuts through card board boxes like its nothing and convenient. would be better if the replacement blades can be purchased through you guys instead of having to go to another website just to get them.

  39. Max G. (verified owner)

    The one insert I thought I wouldn’t use in the one i use the most. It’s the best.

  40. William Johnson (verified owner)

    Mini Box cutter. This is going to be used A LOT

  41. Ryan (verified owner)

  42. Bobby L Strunk (verified owner)

    Good piece to have. Maybe a way to retract the blade could be added in a newer version but still useful.

  43. Rick Betti (verified owner)

    Another great add to your keybar

  44. Rick Betti (verified owner)

    Great little knife

  45. Jaya (verified owner)

    Love this insert soo much. Bought another for my other KeyBar.

  46. Chris D. (verified owner)

    Takes up a lot of space, but blades are sharp and good for fine work, good for crafts.
    Comes with lots of extra blades, I didn’t see replacements for sale on the site, and would be nice to be able to purchase rather than the entire tool

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My grandson loved his gift. A happy camper

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