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The Small and Medium MagNut set is a magnetic quick clasp specifically designed for the KeyBar but works on tools or other pesky items for which you need a quick mounting solution. The Large MagNut set is not recommended for use with your KeyBar. A set includes two MagNuts (a right and a left MagNut) each with a 1/2″ diameter split ring. NOTE: Magnuts made of brass & copper –  the material does create a patina on the surface of the product.

*Reportedly the coronavirus can only survive up to four hours on copper surfaces!

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The Small and Medium MagNut set is a magnetic quick clasp specifically designed for the KeyBar but works on tools or other pesky items for which you need a quick mounting solution. The Large MagNut is not recommended for use with your KeyBar. NOTE: Magnuts made of brass & copper, the material does create a patina on the surface of the product.

A set includes two MagNuts (a right and a left MagNut) each with a 1/2″ diameter split ring.

MagNuts come in a choice of small, medium or large aluminum,  small brass or small copper MagNuts with pressed 1/4″ x 1/4″ rare-earth (Neodymium Iron Boron in Grade N52) magnetic cylinder insert, which has a pull force of 6 1/2 lbs. Medium aluminum MagNuts have a pull force of 18 lbs and large aluminum MagNuts have a pull force of 22 lbs.

Note: These rare-earth magnets will lose their magnetic properties if heated above 175 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celcius). The strong magnetic fields of these rare-earth magnets can damage items such as television, computer monitors, credit cards, bank cards, computers, data carriers, video tapes, mechanical watches, hearing aids and loud speakers. Pace-makers may be damaged or switch to “Test-Mode” in the presence of a strong magnetic force, if a pace-maker or other bodily implant is in use, keep a minimum of 3 feet distance. Keep away from small children. Under no circumstances should you try to cut, saw or drill the rare earth magnet as the resulting dust is very flammable.  You should also not burn the magnet as it will create toxic fumes.

Brass and Copper MagNuts do aquire a patina and may not come as polished as shown in photos.

250 reviews for MagNut

  1. Ryan D. (verified owner)

    These things are crazy strong! I use them with my keybar and love em I can leave my keys to my truck in it while I disconnect my keybar to unlock the bed!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Albino Walker (verified owner)

  4. Robert Steepleton (verified owner)

  5. Angelo Biscotakis (verified owner)

  6. roman9k (verified owner)

    the magnut set is a game-changer, i love it. here i thought the keybar by itself was a must-have, but this, for me, makes it twice as good. as others have said, the magnets are super strong. keybar didn’t cheap out here… neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets you can get.

  7. Benjamin F. (verified owner)

    These are awesome. Very handy. Next purchase will definitely be a keybar!

  8. William Stuchiner (verified owner)

  9. Emily K. (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Jon Thornton (verified owner)

  12. William Watts (verified owner)

  13. Patrick S. (verified owner)

    Awsome magnet for my car key fob. Allows me to give key fob to valet and I can keep my keybar with me.

  14. Joshua (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love these! Will buy more.

  16. Jonathan R. (verified owner)

    Really like the magnut. I’m going to buy a couple more for myself and give them as gifts. I thought the small was going to be to small but it is a perfect size for keys.

  17. Jayson R. (verified owner)

    Very Strong! I can tell this will last for years to come!

  18. SHAIN TERRY (verified owner)

  19. Zane (verified owner)

    Works great, awesome addition to my edc!

  20. Brandon H. (verified owner)

    These little guys are fantastic. Works great for attaching ur key fob to ur key bar. Super slick

  21. john stewart (verified owner)

    Handy as a pocket on a shirt.

  22. Sean (verified owner)

  23. Joel (verified owner)

    Quality Made and Very Strong – Great Product – Would Recommend to Anyone !!!

  24. Kenneth C. (verified owner)

  25. Danny Rucker (verified owner)

    Keybar products are just awesome, I can’t say enough good things. Love your product.

  26. Dan (verified owner)

    Handy for hanging my keys

  27. Gabriel Salomone (verified owner)

    Insane amount of quality!

  28. Jessica hamaker (verified owner)

    Love it. So many places to hang my key and Keybar.

  29. Jeffrey Harris (verified owner)

  30. Josh T. (verified owner)

    Works great for letting me switch between different car keys with my KeyBar. Only thing that is kinda irritating is the size is just small enough to flip over and stick to something inside the key ring supplied. I’ll probably look for a smaller key ring or eventually try the medium MagNut.

  31. Lupe Flores (verified owner)

    Strong everyone ask me where I got it from

  32. Eric F. (verified owner)

    Works perfectly for what I was needing it for. I have it attached to my keys and the other half to my gym Fob. Works great

  33. John C. (verified owner)

    I use it for my car key I liked it so much I ordered more to use for the different cars I have to keep the bulk down

  34. Pierce Richardson (verified owner)

    I know it’s scary to think about your keybar being held by one of these little things, but my I have pretty much every tool they have to offer on my keybar, and yes it is heavy, but these have yet to let me down, very secure. And I have the smallest one.

  35. Nicholas (verified owner)

    The best companion to your car keys! Even my friends are impressed by it! Bought the small size for my keys but do not be fooled by the size, the magnet is really strong!

  36. MATTHEW R SIMPSON (verified owner)

    Super strong magnet awesome product!!

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Ryan (verified owner)

  39. eric (verified owner)

    pretty shocked how strong they are for being small

  40. Benjamin (verified owner)

  41. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great product cool design use it everyday Thanks

  42. Michael Metzger (verified owner)

    Great strength

  43. Spencer (verified owner)

  44. John C. (verified owner)

    I was surprised at how powerful these magnets are. Very neat to use when handing off your truck keys or putting them back on your keybar.

  45. Pierce Richardson (verified owner)

    18 pounds if magnetic force in a compact nut? This tottally changes the game

  46. Cesar Isabel (verified owner)

    These are supercool. The small one is good for smaller secondary items, but the medium is strong as hell and I love it. I am looking to get the large ones but I’m wondering if they’re too strong since it says they’re bot supposed to be used w the keybar?

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best Nuts on the Market.

  48. Travis W. (verified owner)

  49. Matt Huguenard (verified owner)

  50. Biff (verified owner)

    There fucking strong all I can say is there badass

  51. christopher halili (verified owner)

    Really strong and convient but some what in the way when both magnuts arent connected

  52. Stephen Matherson (verified owner)

    Somewhere, someday, someone is going to save the world with one of these little magnets.

  53. Eric S. (verified owner)

    Surprising strong for it’s size. Can’t wait to try out the medium MagNuts.

  54. Thaddeus M. (verified owner)

    Definitely a must have for your keybar if you have a keyfob or even a pair of nail clippers. Very secure, strong magnet.

  55. Ryan Sayles (verified owner)

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great for adding a key fob to the keybar. Good grip and keeps everything securely attached for quick access.

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

  58. Jason L. (verified owner)

    Small and powerful

  59. Jake Fernandes (verified owner)

    These magnets are UNBELIEVABLY strong. I got the small one and its more than strong enough to hold my car key on the keybar.

  60. Andrew P. (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the MagNut for my keyfob. The only issue is that it gets stuck to the keys on the KeyBar and makes it a pain to flip the keys out or in. You have to separate the magnet from the keys and move it out of the way to push them back into place. I even put a smaller keyring on the MagNut to try and stop it from flipping inside itself but no luck. Maybe I’ll try to mount it rigid/fixed to the Titanium keyfob ring in a location that is out of the way always.

  61. Michael Erickson (verified owner)

  62. Daniel M. (verified owner)

  63. Taylor H. (verified owner)

    Such a great tool to add to my KeyBar. Strong enough to hold my KeyBar but easy enough to take it off real quick if I had to use my keys for something else. Over all a very handy item in addition to my KeyBar

  64. Christopher Johnson (verified owner)

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

  66. Brett D. (verified owner)

  67. Tyler H. (verified owner)

  68. Clayton B. (verified owner)

    I love the MagNut. Magnet is very powerful and it’s a great way to save your ignition.

  69. Sam B. (verified owner)

    I wish you offered the copper in the size up

  70. Anthony Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Love the customer support and quality of your products

  71. Graham P. (verified owner)

  72. Thaddeus (verified owner)

    I ordered this for someone at work. I showed them mine and they had to have one.

  73. Jared (verified owner)

  74. Tyler M. (verified owner)


  75. Keith Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    Better than expected.

  76. Jesse C. (verified owner)

  77. Erik S. (verified owner)

  78. Ashley M. (verified owner)

  79. Joselito Agra (verified owner)

  80. Wes (verified owner)

    Bought two of these and am considering purchasing more because I like them so much.

  81. Mike (verified owner)

    Very handy

  82. richard.cowgill1 (verified owner)

    These little things are very well made and surprisingly strong. I unlocked a series 5200 lock (heavy) and hung the lock and keys by this tiny magnet! These things are fantastic!

  83. Professor C. (verified owner)

    The go to solution for the “(1) Car Key” restriction when doing prison visitation.

  84. edyeser O. (verified owner)

    Best magnut super strong…

  85. Donovan C. (verified owner)

    Fun toy to use magnet very strong

  86. Peter (verified owner)

    lets me attach my keybar to my car keys reliably

  87. Jared Torbett (verified owner)

  88. Luis C. (verified owner)

    Strong little suckers

  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Strong and gets the job done. Never have had my fob come off unless I want it to. I carry my keys in the same pocket as my Streamlight HL-X.

  90. brandon e. (verified owner)

  91. Tyler T. (verified owner)

  92. Spain H. (verified owner)

    Small Copper Hexnut is a nice addition to my keybar. Helps me keep the weight off my ignition by detaching the key fob from the rest of the keybar. Super strong magnet.

  93. Tyler Cannon (verified owner)

    Super strong and very well made!

  94. daniel86010 (verified owner)

    Small aluminum MagNuts works great.

  95. phillip (verified owner)

  96. daniel86010 (verified owner)

    Looks great with my black bomber

  97. Daniel (verified owner)

    This is really strong great for holding your key fob to your keybar

  98. Matthew Moses (verified owner)

    I got the small and it’s as small as I think you would want to go. I use it for my keychain flashlight. But I would recommend going to the Medium size if you want to attached your keybar or key fob to it if you plan to carry something attached to it outside a pocket.

  99. Daniel (verified owner)

  100. Caleb (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for

  101. david (verified owner)

    If your looking for a way to keep your car key and fob stand alone this is the way to go.

  102. Bradley B. (verified owner)

    I ordered the medium as they were out of the size Small. Glad I read the advice that the Large was in fact VERY large.

    The medium works well.

    A word of caution… I carry a benchmade pocket knife (very sharp blade) and had separated my vehicle keys from my house keys one my key bar to let the wife take my truck.

    I usually keep knife and keys separate, but must have opened a box and put the knife back in my pocket with the MagNut magnet.

    The Medium MagNut has enough strength to open the blade of your pocket knife. Luckily my reach was a slow one. The blade was open and it could have gone another way.

    Great product… just be cautious about the MagNut and your pocket knife blades.

  103. Brandon Lodder (verified owner)

    Way better than the cheap Chinese knock-offs I had. If I would’ve had these my last Keybar probably would’ve stuck to the mower and not gotten run over by the mower!

  104. Wu Fei (verified owner)

    is too good to handle car key

  105. Nic Chew (verified owner)

    The copper came out awesome, and the magnets are surprisingly strong for being the small ones.

  106. Joshua H. (verified owner)

    Awesome add on for sure!

  107. Oscar Casillas (verified owner)

  108. Dae Young (verified owner)

    My favorite purchase so far.

  109. Phillip Morgan (verified owner)

    Great way to keep a couple of keys handy without giving the whole set to someone.

  110. Robert N. (verified owner)

  111. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love how strong the magnets are but easy to pull apart when you need to use it.

  112. Matthew Piper (verified owner)

    Very strong !

  113. Joseph Rolfi (verified owner)

  114. Samuel R. (verified owner)

    These things are extremely secure. Was pleasantly surprised at how strong the split rings are as well. Sometimes it takes a pretty good pull to get my car key away from the keybar with these magnets and that split ring hasn’t shown any signs of bending yet.

  115. Jason Doss (verified owner)

  116. COREY COLLINS (verified owner)

    Great product. Large magnut is ridiculously strong. Makes my edc way more manageable.

  117. John D’Amico (verified owner)

    Handy as heck and use it to change out to different Keybars.

  118. Augusto Pitanga (verified owner)

  119. Arbella (verified owner)

    The magnets have great hold and pull apart with the perfect amount of force. The nut sometimes swings around and gets stuck inside the split ring. It would be better if the split ring was non-ferrous.

  120. Dustin Brown (verified owner)

    Works amazingly!!

  121. Craig (verified owner)

    Seems good so far

  122. Ethan (verified owner)

    The strength of magnetic is good. But I hate how the magnet flip around and sticks to the keyring. Maybe a smaller keyring so it can’t flip

  123. John (verified owner)

  124. David (verified owner)

    Strong magnet and I have yet to have my keys come off accidentally.

  125. Adrian Pena (verified owner)

  126. Almog L. (verified owner)

  127. James (verified owner)

    These magnuts are great! The strength to stay together is incredible but yet when I need to separate my keys from my fob it’s easy. I truly like the clean design!

  128. Austin M. (verified owner)

    I just think this is really cool and impressive on how strong the magnet is, I like that I can take my key fob off of my keys now, but also happy that it stays on no matter what.

  129. Jason R. (verified owner)

    Love it for my key fob and storage for it and the KeyBar on my locker door.

  130. Lori T. (verified owner)

    Great Item. Super fast shipping!

  131. Tony Gordon (verified owner)

    Awesome I love it!! Really strong magnut!! Love the size of it!!!

  132. Justin A. (verified owner)

    Super strong – even the smaller one.

  133. Ryan G. (verified owner)

    Works great. Magnet is strong enough that my key wont become accidentally disconnected but easy enough to pull apart with two fingers. I got this because my keys kept bouncing against my steering column and haveing just one key does the trick and also keeps me from damaging my lock cylender. Great product.

  134. Paul Skarinka (verified owner)

  135. James Walker (verified owner)

    Love these! Strong enough that you dont worry about it coming apart but easy to get apart when you need it.

  136. Richard D. (verified owner)

    LOVE this magnet. I got the medium size one and it’s quite strong… I don’t ever worry about my vehicle key falling off.

  137. Nick reeves (verified owner)

    I love my mag nuts

  138. Anonymous (verified owner)

  139. Anonymous (verified owner)

  140. charles gordon (verified owner)

  141. Alexander (verified owner)

  142. Sterling S. (verified owner)

    VERY strong magnet. I got the medium sized one. :very happy with the strength

  143. Justin H. (verified owner)

    Got the small in copper and brass and these things are awesome. Amazingly strong and a nice edc add.

  144. Scott (verified owner)

    Use for my motorcycle key, precisely what I was looking for.

  145. Chris Flores (verified owner)

    These are awesome to quickly disconnect your keybar from your car key. I use it so it doesn’t weigh down my ignition.

  146. Alex J. (verified owner)

    Went with the 1/4, very strong magnet. Very happy with it!

  147. Mark F. (verified owner)

    Small mag i does trick it is pretty strong too so ill say does the trick for what i need it for looks good on key bar too

  148. Ryan (verified owner)

    This is my second magnut, I got this in the brass offering and absolutely love it!

  149. Garry (verified owner)

    Good strong magnet

  150. Kenneth (verified owner)

    impressive! I use it on my key fob for a stable and solid quick disconnect. Powerful little guy (medium) now I don’t have to turn off the car to run back in the house.

  151. Dana C. (verified owner)

    It was a father’s day gift for my father Inlaw. He loves it thank you for this amazing product.

  152. KHALED (verified owner)

    Nice, useful and required tool

  153. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really good for that quick attach of car key

  154. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’d like to see a few more interesting shapes, but it works well, almost too well

  155. PAUL (verified owner)

    The MagNut is an essential component to my EDC.
    The strength of the magnets is perfect for truck keys and fobs, you won’t have to worry about it disconnecting by accident.

  156. Brennan M. (verified owner)


  157. Eric M. (verified owner)

    Super strong Magnet

  158. Matthew M. (verified owner)

    Works great. The small magnut is really strong. Definitely enough for how heaven they copper keybar is.

  159. Niko (verified owner)

    The small is perfect for me as I only needed it for my Keyfob but it makes quick runs to the car super quick. Veey handy if you need to let someone barrow a spare key or something. Also as a side note, if you have some keys you don’t use as often it’ll grab the keyring and keep them together so they don’t fall out of your pocket.

  160. Matthew stock (verified owner)

    just the right strength in the magnet to keep you keys secure together but will come undo wen you need to separate them

  161. ryan (verified owner)

    got the small brass magnuts, i use them as a quick release between a lanyard and my pocket knife. they’re a super strong connection which gives me full confidence that i wont lose another pocket knife out of the pocket without noticing!

  162. salman s. (verified owner)

    Keeps my car key separate from keybar.

  163. Anonymous (verified owner)

    bought these for my brother, he really likes how strong the magnets are.

  164. Troy K. (verified owner)

    Perfect way to connect your car fob to your keybar

  165. Mark B. (verified owner)

    Easily helps me remove the bulk of my Jeep fob from the rest of my keys when I get to the office

  166. Fergal (verified owner)

    Great for car keys

  167. Jim (verified owner)

    Love the magnut easy to use, convenient and them magnets tho… medium & large magnut are strong but i think the small ones are more suitable for the ladies. As for the photo when I saw them I thought the large magnut was the medium size and the medium size magnut was the small ones. When I finally received it in hand I was wrong. The large magnut was double the size of the medium and the small one was just a little smaller then say the size of a dime. Other then that love them

  168. Dana Chea (verified owner)

    Very strong little magnets! Like that I can hang them anywhere

  169. Michael Smith (verified owner)

    The MagNut is amazing. Can’t believe I didn’t order one sooner.

  170. Larry (verified owner)

    Excellent add on

  171. Scott S. (verified owner)

    I got the small magnut and it always attaches itself to the inside of the keyring when I dettach it. I have to push it out to connect it again. Kind of a pain.

  172. pisteyes (verified owner)

    Incredible for use with Keybar it really changes the way you can use it. It’s very convenient to have your truck keys on the magnet and have it to be able to detach quickly so you can keep truck running and use the keybar to open doors. It’s also great to be able to stick your keys somewhere while at work or if your busy and your hands are full. I like to use them on job sites especially if a coworker has to retrieve something from my truck
    Best thing I’ve got to go with my Keybar! I’ve reordered because they are so handy.

  173. Teagan Sitzman (verified owner)

    Awesome magnuts! The one complaint is the size of key ring the smalls come with should be a little smaller or a little big. The magnet always gets stuck in the key ring(due to sizing of included key ring)other than that little hiccup it’s a 5 out of 5

  174. Joseph (verified owner)

    I have 2 sets of these and love them. The work and hold well. There is nothing more to be said about them.

  175. Jason B. (verified owner)

    Strong and reliable!!

  176. Neil K. (verified owner)

    It does it’s job and holds my car key to my keybar!

  177. Erik P. (verified owner)

    Great for keys that might not fit in the bar or are used very frequently/lent. Keep my car keys on one so I can just pull them off when driving. Also no having to de-ring them to give to a mechanic.

  178. Nicholas (verified owner)

    This makes removing my car key quick and convenient. No more dangerous keychain dangling from the ignition. I find myself playing with the magnets idly while at my desk so it has surprise entertainment value.

  179. Steve Wealing (verified owner)

    These are no joke! Use caution especially with medium and large sizes.
    Blood blisters await for the foolhardy.
    Excellent product. Highly recommended.

  180. Ty S. (verified owner)

    I was worried they would be strong enough to keep my keys secure, but my truck key/fob are safe being attached that way. The Keybar stays in my pocket and my truck key is on the magnet that I can easily remove when I am driving and throw back in my pocket when I’m done.

  181. Tyson Bristol (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the mag-nuts were!

  182. Ramiro B. (verified owner)

    Awesome product!! Would buy more if offered in titanium. Just a suggestion.

  183. Jonathan D. (verified owner)

    This little thing is really badass!!!!

  184. Erik T. (verified owner)

    Excellent addition to the keybar

  185. Rodolfo Martinez (verified owner)

    These lil guys are really strong magnets. I work construction and these lil fellas sure hold. I can only imagine the bigger ones will be a whole lot stronger. I loved them so much I got myself another pair.

  186. Ramon Loya (verified owner)

    Awesome quick release type for my keys. I keep my bar on my belt and simply detach my motorcycle key or truck keys. Even on my truck keys I’ve added a pair of these for my fob for when I need to leave my truck running for a quick stop I can lock it no problem…

  187. Aaron H. (verified owner)

    I was really skeptical at first but I have no regrets. I love magnut to pieces. I personally attached my car key to it & plan on getting more of them so I can switch my large keys around as needed.

  188. William Johnson (verified owner)

    Must have if you have a key fob. I was surprised at the strength of this little guy

  189. David (verified owner)

    Allows me to detach my key fob and car key from the rest of my keybar.

  190. KEITH M (verified owner)

    Works amazingly, the one issue is that the magnut will turn in and grab the small key ring making it difficult to unstick, and connect to the other magnut, but overall a great product

  191. Ronnie P. (verified owner)

    really powerful and connects to everything.

  192. Leon M. (verified owner)

    They stick, there no joke.

  193. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Me and my wife love these I bought one for each of our car keys so much easier than taking them off a normal key ring since we share a car and one key and I don’t like carrying my work truck keys its perfect for us not to mention the 5lb. Retention makes for a secure feeling

  194. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the Mag Nut. Perfect for my work keys!!

  195. Gerald T. (verified owner)

    Nice and strong.

  196. Travis Wright (verified owner)

    Matched my Copper Jr. Perfectly and hold up great!

  197. Alana M. (verified owner)

    Great item will buy another one soon! I bought the smallest size. I was worried it would not be strong enough. If anyone is undecided I can verify the 1/4 model is more than sufficient for a heavier key fob.

  198. Martin W. (verified owner)

    Because of my truck my keys hit and jingle all the time so being able to take everything but the key off when I drive is a life saver. Love this product.

  199. Daryl (verified owner)

    Very strong !

  200. Manuel R. (verified owner)

    Great gear! Thanks!

  201. Justin B. (verified owner)

    Awesome idea. Really helps if wife needs car, but I need to get into the house. I don’t know how I lived without these.

  202. Fernando G. (verified owner)

    The strength of the magnet is very good.

  203. Michael (verified owner)

    Really strong magnet. Makes it easy to keep my KeyBar and key fob attached

  204. Duchein (verified owner)

    Really holds its own

  205. curtis n. (verified owner)

    possibly one of the most useful things I’ve ever owned.

  206. Arturo Segura (verified owner)

    Very strong magnet

  207. Will T. (verified owner)

    If you drive a Ford and you have a GIANT key fob like me I highly recommend. GAMECHANGER…!

  208. Bobby L Strunk (verified owner)

    Strong little booger lol

  209. Ramiro (verified owner)

    I’ve bought these as gifts and it’s always a hit!

  210. JOHN BRUBAKER (verified owner)

    Genius idea, and super convenient.

  211. Matthew S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Cool looking. Works very well. Has saved me from loading things multiple times. I have them on all my keys that I use frequently.

  212. Rick Betti (verified owner)

    Strong little magnets. A great addition to your keybar.

  213. Aaron (verified owner)

    a bit pricey but well worth it for the quality

  214. Brandon G. (verified owner)

    Works like a charm

  215. Pat Guest (verified owner)

    Perfect for separating your car key at the car wash or just going out for a hike. Just what I was looking for. Magnet is super strong so I feel confident it won’t come apart unless I want it to.

  216. Mark Murphy (verified owner)

    Very cool. Strong 🧲

  217. Adam (verified owner)

    Nice add to the solid copper Keybar. Aging well and the patina is stellar

  218. Coby S. (verified owner)

    Great for the truck keys

  219. Brandon T. (verified owner)

    I use these to connect the keybar to my car keys. They lock up tight and add a fidget factor.

  220. Eric (verified owner)

  221. Michael Arnold (verified owner)

    Very easy to use. Highly recommend the MagNut!

  222. Joenar Macapagal (verified owner)

    The magnets on this product are super strong! I’m a person who always needs to fidget and this thing is perfect for that! So satisfying to feel and hear the two pieces reattach!

  223. Christopher (verified owner)

    very strong magnets. no issue with separating by accident. pretty good tug to separate the parts and handy as hell if you have something you need as a standalone item

  224. Michael Mantho (verified owner)

    Powerful magnet, works as advertised.

  225. Jason Patrick (verified owner)

    So far no complaints, tough magnets.

  226. Gregory H. (verified owner)

    Nice allows me to move my home alarm remote to different key rings including my keybar. Works great!

  227. Wes (verified owner)

    Repeat orders on the way!

  228. Evan B. (verified owner)

    Must have for any keybar

  229. Jean-Sebastien (verified owner)

    Strong Magnets 💪

  230. Matthew O. (verified owner)

    Awesome quick release for my car key. Super strong hold so I don’t worry about accidental detachment.

  231. Ronald S. (verified owner)

    I have several sets of these! Love them for attaching my rather large car key to my Key-Bar. When I want to leave the car for service or with a valet, I just pull the remote car key free from my Key-Bar and leave the single key. My Key Bar stays with me and the single key stays with them. Works great!

  232. michael (verified owner)

    Perfect size for key rings or to just fidget around with. Very strong magnets!

  233. Eric (verified owner)

    I carry four keys on the mini magnut and it holds them with no problem. The design is simple and streamlined.

  234. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Magnet is strong enough for my use and quality of finish is great!

  235. Austin B. (verified owner)

    These things are absolute beasts. I took my keybar and carabiner on a hike through some pretty wild terrain and purposely hung them off my pack to bounce around. Never went anywhere!

  236. Rylan (verified owner)

    Love the MagNuts! I was worried that these would come apart accidentally with day to day use, but that is not the case.

  237. Joseph Erskine (verified owner)

    The medium magnuts are way stronger than the small..I kept catching my truck keys on everyone and losing them with the small..upgrading to the medium it feels way more secure..I really hope someday you guys will be in selling in stores around my area so I can buy more accessories..definitely recommend

  238. Tyler G. (verified owner)

    Super strong magnet for the size. It works well for if you need to hang your keybar or your key fob.

  239. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I ordered the small in my first order but the small nuts (pause) get stuck inside of the ring, so I got me some Big nuts and now life is good!

  240. Chase (verified owner)

    Absolute life game changer!

  241. Philip (verified owner)

    Bought two of these sets so I can easily swap out the key fobs on my keybar for my two cars depending on the one I’m driving and I don’t have to carry both bulky keys at the same time. The magnets are nice and strong so I’m not worried about the keys falling off.

  242. Bradley B. (verified owner)

    Looks good. Has a solid hold. It’s pretty convenient for a lot of stuff.

  243. Zachary S. (verified owner)

    Must have, goes well the tie carabiner.

  244. aaron manbeck (verified owner)


  245. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Love these things, was kinda surprised by how big the large one was haha

  246. Nicole (verified owner)

    Every product I have ever bought from Keybar has been very well made! I have a 20 year old, 22 year old and 23 year old that all got them this year for Christmas. Each one of them have talked about how much they have loved each product they received. I am thankful for well made US products!

  247. hardgravek71 (verified owner)

    Very handy little invention 😎

  248. Blake W. (verified owner)

    These things are awesome, small but have a ton of holding power!

  249. Bobby Marshall (verified owner)

    These mags are amazing.

  250. Bobby Marshall (verified owner)

    These mags are unbelievably strong for their size. Good addition to the KeyBar.

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