Product Questions

Am I going to have issues going through airport security with my KeyBar®?

You should not have issues continuing through security with a KeyBar® as long as the items included in/with your KeyBar® are TSA compliant. However, as airport security often checks items, the attendants may ask to examine your KeyBar®.

Click on the link, https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/prohibited-items,  to find items that are not TSA compliant.


My titanium KeyBar® looks a little dull. Why is that, and what can I do?

We use a process called anodizing to color, treat or customize the titanium. Oil from your hands may dull the color. That’s easy to fix, though – grab a cloth and some Windex and give it a light cleaning. The color, treatment or customization will brighten immediately.

Will my vehicle key and/or key fob fit?

Some vehicle keys will fit (use dimensions below for determination), but we recommend confirming that installing your car keys into the KeyBar® won’t cause issues with your ignition. For an alternative, we provide a link with each KeyBar® for larger items such as vehicle keys and fobs that don’t fit within the KeyBar® – many customers find that they prefer to do that for quick detachment when necessary.



I have a nonstandard key; will it fit in the KeyBar®?

The best way to figure that out is to compare your key’s size and shape with the size and shape of the KeyBar®, using the information below.

We use #8-32 machine screws, and the post has a diameter of .164 inches, so the hole on the key would need to be large enough to fit on the post.

The total length of the KeyBar® is 3.5 inches. The distance between one end of the KeyBar® and the screw in that end is .375 inches. The distance between the two screws is 2.75 inches. The width of each end is 1 inch. If your key is longer than 2.75 inches but not longer than 3.125 inches, it will still fit.

How many keys can a KeyBar® accommodate?

Up to 12 with the provided screws and up to 28 with the extension screw set available here.

Ordering Questions

I saw a KeyBar® on one of your social media accounts, but I don’t see it available on the website — how can I purchase it?

Send an email to info info@keybar.us along with a screenshot or link to the image featuring that KeyBar®. We’ll let you know if it is available for purchase.

I’d like to purchase a custom KeyBar® – how can I do that?

Check out the custom orders information here.

Why was my order not able to be processed? What should I do?

The payment may have been declined for any of the following reasons:

  • insufficient funds
  • frozen account status
  • invalid credit card number
  • invalid expiration date
  • invalid security code
  • incorrect billing and/or shipping address (either the street number, ZIP code, or both, do not match what the credit card company has on file)

If you have confirmed that you entered the credit card and contact information correctly, contact the credit card company for more information.

Shipping and Tracking Questions

The tracking information for my order shows that the package was delivered, but I haven’t received it. What should I do?

We recommend doing all of the following:

  • Check with others at your shipping address who may have intercepted it.
  • Besides your mailbox, check other places at your shipping address where the USPS may have left the package.
  • Check with your neighbors. Occasionally the USPS delivers packages to nearby addresses by mistake.
  • Contact the USPS to see if they can provide you with any information.
  • Wait a couple more days. Occasionally the USPS updates the tracking before the package is actually delivered.

The tracking information for my order hasn’t updated in more than 10 days. Is there something wrong?

For U.S. orders, it’s possible that the USPS is experiencing a delay or that the package has been misplaced. Contact the USPS at 800-275-8777 to file an investigation claim. Have your tracking number handy.

For international orders, delivery times vary based on the destination’s postal service. Once the package leaves the U.S., the USPS no longer has the ability to check on the package.

The tracking information for my order hasn’t updated in several days. Is there something wrong?

For orders in the U.S., that means it’s still in transit and hasn’t yet reached the processing center closest to your shipping address. As soon as it does, the tracking will update.

For international orders, delivery times vary based on the destination’s postal service. Once the package leaves the U.S., the USPS no longer has the ability to check on the package.

The tracking information for my order shows “NOT FOUND,” and “The Postal Service could not locate the tracking information for your request. Please verify your tracking number and try again later.” Is there something wrong?

Nope, that just means that the USPS hasn’t scanned the package into their system yet. Once they do, the tracking will update.

How long does it take to ship and receive?

Orders purchased via the website typically ship within 24 to 48 business hours of purchase. Custom orders typically ship within 24 to 72 business hours of purchase, depending on the order. Delivery time depends on shipping method selected. When checking out, you will be given an estimate based on USPS information. This is not a guaranteed delivery time, just an estimate.