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KeyBars come in a variety of materials and designs! Part of the fun is picking out the KeyBar that’s right for you.

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  • Blue Anodized Aluminum Bomber

  • Bass Aluminum

  • Valhalla Aluminum

  • O.G. Camo Cerakoted Aluminum

  • Titanium Bomber

  • Yellow Dayglow G10/Customized Titanium

  • Purple G10/Customized Titanium

  • Valhalla Titanium

  • Carved Titanium Blue Flats

  • Green Cerakoted Titanium Bomber

  • Black Cerakoted Titanium Stealth Bomber

  • Apex Titanium

  • Manifold Titanium

  • Black Cerakoted Manifold Titanium

  • Black Cerakoted Apex Titanium

  • Black Diamond Crosshatch Lightweight Titanium

  • Blue ‘Gilded’ Diamond Crosshatch

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