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Check out the latest KeyBars and key organizer accessories being offered.

  • BUNDLE: Stonewashed Aluminum KeyBar + Aluminum JR

  • Thin Line Flag Aluminum UV

  • Battleworn Cerakote Aluminum KeyBar JR

  • Brass KeyBar JR

  • Natural Colored G10 KeyBars

  • Colored G10 KeyBars

  • Battleworn Cerakote Aluminum KeyVice Carabiner

  • VICE™ Hatchback Aluminum Wallet

  • Morph Spiral Titanium KeyBar JR

  • BUNDLE: Black Anodized Aluminum KeyBar + Vice Hardware Hatchback Aluminum Wallet

  • BUNDLE: KeyVice Aluminum Carabiner + Stonewashed Aluminum KeyBar + Small Aluminum MagNuts

  • Drop Point Insert for KeyBar

  • VICE™ Snapback Wallet

  • Black Titanium Diamond Crosshatch KeyBars

  • KeyVice Carabiner – Titanium

  • Glow Rhino™ Tritium Titanium KeyBar