WJCL 22 ABC Savannah Visits The KeyBar HQ

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“Behind-The-KeyBar” News Story

A few weeks ago, we had Frank Sulkowski from WJCL 22 ABC stop by the KeyBar HQ for an interview with KeyBar Founder Michael Taylor to learn about KeyBar’s “humble” beginnings, such as how the idea came to be, the birth of KeyBar and the various product innovations created for the KeyBar.

Featuring an in-depth look into the KeyBar and the additional products, Michael discusses the amount of manufacturing done with the product here in Garden City, Georgia.

“It’s pretty awesome to be able to start with a piece of metal, put it in a machine after all the hours it took to get those machines to work correctly, to end up with an amazing product and then package that product, put a sticker on that product and then ship that product all from this building is truly a blessing” said Michael Taylor. “We started with one product, a key holder, and now we make everything from belts to skateboards to pen holders. The possibility is really endless and we’re not limited to one market, which is amazing.”

Frank then discusses the impact of KeyBar on social media and how KeyBar found it’s home on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Michael discusses the importance of giving their audience not only personality but knowledge as well.

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  1. This is exactly the type of product that would assist my buddies still active service and abroad. Allows you to keep your keys in one place, especially in your uniform.

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