Why Is KeyBar The Best Key Organizer?

New KeyBar Aluminum Key Organizer

Keys are an everyday essential needed for wherever you go. In an era where technology is constantly changing, one thing hasn’t: you still have keys and have to carry them with you wherever you go. What has changed are the solutions for carrying all of your keys. Do you carry around a lot of keys and want an easier way to keep up with them all? You’ve probably been searching online for the best and most affordable key holder, but the problem is there are so many different types to choose from.

While there are plenty of different kinds of key organizers, the KeyBar has become a well-known product in the everyday carry (EDC) community. From its durable design to convenient multi-tool solutions, it’s obvious why KeyBar is the premier EDC key tool.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose and rely on KeyBar every day. To help understand more about what makes its quality superior, our team decided to discuss some of the unique features behind a KeyBar.


It’s Designed To Last

Over the years, we’ve worked hard at creatinga design that is sleek, durable and made to fit comfortably into your pocket. Every KeyBar comes with a clip design integrated into it for easy access and quick storage.

As a daily multi-tool, people need something reliable, which is why we focus on creating a durable, convenient design for consistent use. By using top notch materials to make our KeyBars, we can guarantee a product that’s built to last.

KeyBar Key Organizer Accessories Insert Variations

Select A Variety Of KeyBar Accessories

Not only is the KeyBar a perfect solution to eliminate all of your key clutter and jingly keys, they have plenty of accessories to choose from. The team is constantly coming up with new inserts and accessories to make carrying EDC tools a lot easier.

By creating customized everyday carry items such as a screwdriver, blade, flashlight and other common tools, you can eliminate even more clutter in your pocket by simply adding tool inserts into your KeyBar.

Have a lot of keys and tool inserts you want to carry? No problem! We’ve designed extension screw sets for our KeyBars so that you can get every key and insert secured into your KeyBar.

The KeyBar Key Organizer Come With A Lifetime Warranty

As a part of purchasing with us,it is our guarantee for our product to be crafted with the highest of quality. If (somehow) your KeyBar breaks or doesn’t perform as promised, we provide a lifetime warranty to repair or replace your KeyBar if it does not perform as expected.

For more information on our lifetime warranty provided with our KeyBars, click here to read more on our Terms and Conditions section.

Every KeyBar Is Made In The USA

We’re happy to say that every KeyBar is designed, engineered and manufactured right in Savannah, Georgia. From cutting the material to packaging the KeyBar: every step is done right at our warehouse. In order to have complete quality control, we do everything in-house. As opposed to having everything done off-shore, we want to be able to guarantee our customers the best product on the market.

Hold Over 20 Keys On A KeyBar!

Is your biggest problem having a lot of keys and not sure which key holder can hold all of them? The KeyBar is the best solution for someone who has an excessive amount of keys.

KeyBars come assembled with a set of ½” screws, which can hold up to 4 keys; however, the two 7/8thscrews can hold up to 12 keys! Even if you don’t have this many keys, it’s perfect for storing various accessories! As mentioned above, we do offer extension screws for our KeyBars that allows them to hold even more keys! The largest extension for the 1 ¾” screw on a KeyBar can hold up to 28 keys.

For more information about the extension screw sets for the KeyBar, click here for additional information.

You Have Plenty Of KeyBars To Choose From!

KeyBars are made out of many different types of materials such as aluminum, brass, titanium and even carbon fiber. There are plenty of different styles and colors for you to choose from! Our customers have the choice to get a KeyBar that is best suited for them to use everyday. If you want a KeyBar that’s lightweight, you can choose one made in a material such as micarta that won’t put a lot of weight in your pocket.

At our warehouse, we are constantly coming up with new and creative types of KeyBars. The options are endless!

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  1. The Keybar honestly looks like the best soloution to getting rid of big dangly keys. Plus with all the too,s you can add makes it the best in the market. I want one so bad.

  2. Key Bar is now my go to key organizer and being one of the many the titanium version is the one that I’m going to be purchasing next,I highly recommend key bar and if you like your keys organize and not dangling ever where I suggest that you make a choice w/key bar right now as your go to key organizer!!!😁👍🙏

  3. I have a key bar I love it. It’s keeps all my keys organized and quiet in the morning when I get up to go to work so that I don’t wake my baby. Awesome products!

  4. I honestly love my keybar i have been using it for weeks now and it is honestly my favorite edc tool, no longer and i tortured by jingling keys and fumbling aroumd to find key i need. It fits in just like a regular pocket knife and i honestly love it 10/10

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