Simplify Your Life with KeyBar

The first week in August has become nationally recognized as Simplify Your Life Week. A time of the year to take in account all the clutter you may have around and learning about what you can do with and without. Simplifying your life is not just about material goods but also about reducing stress by being mindful of the time and space that surrounds your everyday life.

We here at KeyBar, like to think we are one of the pioneers of this movement. At first by reducing the clutter that can inhabit one’s key-ring with a simple to use and arrange key holder that we dubbed the KeyBar. As we began to expand and realize the amount of key chain tools that adorn the typical keychain, we produced tools and other necessities that could fit within it (i.e. screwdrivers and bottle openers) to even further simplify your everyday carry into a neat easy to use and completely customizable package.

Just the idea of knowing all of your belonging are tightly secured together in a bundle that fits right into your pocket is just another way to ease the mind with all the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. No more needing to double check that you have all the right keys and tools when you’re headed out the door, because you’ll know it’s all packaged together right next to your wallet or in your purse when you head out for the day. And for an even more peace of mind, a KeyBar completely reduces that constant jingling sound that comes with a cluttered key ring that we’ve been told helps greatly with people who suffer from phonophobia.

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