What’s a KeyBar® key organizer?

What’s a KeyBar®?

KeyBar® is a patented key organizer with a pocket clip that works like a multi-tool for your keys. Our key holder is a solution to wild and disorganized keys that are difficult to manage and make a lot of noise. A KeyBar® will stop the noise, kill the clutter and consolidate your keys. Thanks to KeyBar®, noisy key rings are a thing of the past. Stop the Noise!®


How does it work?

Just load your keys onto your key holder and organize them just as you want them. Add a pocket clip or a key fob link. You can even add accessories to the key organizer such as a flash drive, bottle opener, comb, toothpick and tweezer set, quick key tab, carabiner clip, gun tools and soon, additional tools to include scissors, screwdriver, pliers, pen, flashlight, wrench, belt cutter and fire starter.


What are they made of?

KeyBar® key organizers are tough. They are produced in our machine shop in Savannah, GA using high quality materials to create durable and long lasting key holders. KeyBars are available in aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, brass, copper and G10. In addition to the variety of materials, we also offer a variety of cool designs as well as the unique ability to customize your own KeyBar®!


What sets the KeyBar® apart from other key holders?

Several things make the KeyBar® key organizer stand out from other products on the market.  The first is our pocket clip.  We offer three different pocket clip versions for our key holder: our standard clip that inserts into the clip side through a slot, a deep carry version of our standard clip and a deep carry version that screws onto the clip side and is shaped differently than the other two versions.

The second is our multitude of customized versions and ability for customers to personalize their key holder.  The KeyBar® comes in several different materials, colors, patterns and designs.  We use a Haas VF-4SS CNC mill and two Control Laser 50 Watt Fiber Laser Engravers to customize and personalize our key organizers.

Other notable factors that keep our key holder a cut above the rest are our impeccable customer service, quick production and delivery times, and our quality – Made in the USA!