What Is Everyone Saying About KeyBar?

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There are plenty of different types of key organizers you can purchase; however, the amount of quality put into a KeyBar is far more superior than a product made overseas. We’ve recently had a lot of people review and compare the KeyBar to the various types of key holders on the market.

So, don’t just take our word for having the best key holder on the market! Featured below are some of the reviews made about KeyBar:

Gearmoose’s 20 Best Key Organizers

You can read Gearmoose’s article here: https://gearmoose.com/everyday-carry-key-organizers/. The first key organizer on the top of the list is of course, the KeyBar. Gearmoose mentions, “There’s no better way to streamline your EDC and lighten your overall pocket load than with a KeyBar Key Organizer.” We absolutely agree with this and know that compared to the other competitors, the various metals we use to make KeyBars is far more superior.

Ezvid Wiki’s Video Review

In this video, Ezvid Wiki reviews 10 various key organizers in a list for “10 Best Key Organizers Of 2019”. Coming in at first place for the best key holder is once again, the KeyBar. They mention that the KeyBar can hold up to 12 keys with regular screws and can hold up to 28 with the extension set. They also talk about the aluminum the KeyBar is made out of, which can take some abuse. It weighs up to 2 oz when empty and they mentioned how attractable the finish of the KeyBar is.

Chrispy Things’ YouTube Review

Chrispy Things is a well-known EDC review channel where he talks about some of the latest and best everyday carry items on the market. He recently made a video about the Slayer Titanium KeyBar last month. Chrispy Things capitalizes on the design and the amount of work/care put into making our key organizer. In the title of the video, he stated, “If Chuck Norris carried a key organizer, it would be this!”  He continues to go in-depth about the functionality of the KeyBar and states how well the design of the organizer was created. We can’t thank you enough for this review, Chrispy Things! We are so glad that you like the KeyBar!

A Better Kit’s Key Organizer Review

A Better Kit recently wrote an article about the 15 best key organizers of 2020. Here’s a link to the article: https://www.abetterkit.com/best-key-organizers/. In the #1 spot is, of course, the KeyBar. Here’s what A Better Kit stated about our key holder:

“KeyBar key organizer is one of the best key organizers available in the market. Made from aluminum with titanium clip, this tough key organizer can accommodate up to 12 keys or accessories. Rubber O-rings and stainless-steel washers are included in the package and allows for easy deployment of keys. It also comes in other models, from copper, titanium to lightweight carbon fiber to suit your everyday carry combination.”

In summary, there are various articles and YouTube videos about the different types of key holders on the market; however, KeyBar typically has the best reviews and articles that capitalize on the superior functionality and design. We hope that with this article, you can see what makes KeyBar more superior than our competitors. Purchase your KeyBar and get the best “noise stopper.” After all: We are the original USA Made key organizer.

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