What are people saying about KeyBar?


“No more jangly loud keys! This thing rules. And made of the USA. Bravo!”

“I’ve used another quiet carry for about 4 years but needed more key space as well as something a bit more functional for my day to day usage. Ended up looking at a ton of different ones but settled on key bar because of how customizable it is and how many add ons can be attached to it”

These are just 2 of the thousands of 5 star reviews we get from our customers on a daily basis regarding our bread & butter product, the KeyBar and KeyBar JR. How we started and what we’ve perfected over the years, the KeyBar is a lifetime product you’ll love forever.

“Perfect for when you only need a key to start your car, just pull it apart without having to have your entire keychain dangling from your dash.”

One of our most popular products, a KeyBar accessory that every owner will tell you is an absolute must have. MagNuts have so many different uses but the biggest being the solution for those big hey car key fobs. No more hanging bulky keys from your ignition when you can simply attach and retouch securely and with ease of mind with a set of MagNuts. They come in 3 different sizes and a variety of different materials and finishes. We even had a customer tell us how he accidentally left his KeyBar on top of his car for a 30 mile drive and it made it all the way back home with him. 

Small Aluminum MagNuts

Yet another great product from this company. I cannot say enough good things about this company to friends & family alike. From the quality of the materials to the awesome shipping speed. Arrived two day earlier than expected & I didn’t even opt for expedited shipping. Fits great with no slop or wiggle & cam locks are almost invisible inside the organizer. Nice stiff action without being overly tough to open or close. Keep it up guys y’all know what you’re doing & are doing it right.”

This review is in regards to our newly developed KB-Detent Lock titanium tool system. We have been making these tools for years but in late 2022 it was time for a revamp with some new engineering and design to perfect the system for every day use. Along side of this particular line up of tools, we have a multitude of different tool inserts to customize into your KeyBar/KeyBar JR and make it completely your own.

KB-Detent Lock Titanium Tool System

Amazing quality and has completely organized my daily tools on my work desk. I can’t recommend this enough!”

Perusing the site, I saw this other tab called “Other Cool Gear.” Clicked it and found out. Yep, I straight up ordered two of these. One for work and one for home. It’s like a heavy fidget spinner you can fiddle with when you’re on those boring work calls. Plus, it looks dang amazing. A+!”

Oh the Quick Draw! A billet aluminum, revolving pen/tool holder that our customers can’t seem to get enough of. It’s a work of engineering art, a tool to help keep your desk organized, a fabulous decorative display, and the world’s best fidget spinner!

The Billet Aluminum Quick Draw

Hopefully these testimonials and reviews from real customers helps you, the reader, understand what it means to own a KeyBar or KeyBar product. Become a member of our family, become a member of the KeyBar Army!

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