The KeyBar Drift-Lift Project

So, as many of you may have seen on our social media, we rescued an old 1970’s 3-series Toyota forklift from an auction in a cow farm. This thing had seen some serious action onboard a cargo ship in it’s day and was the perfect buy for what we needed it for. After purchasing this rusted out and dinged up monstrosity of heavy machinery, we dug it out of that cow pasture and towed it back to KeyBar HQ.

It wasn’t long before we started working on it and pondering exactly what we were going to do with it aesthetically. So, with it being a Toyota, we decided to give it a little JDM love and restore this hunk of metal to a new form of glory. Chipped away as much of the old layers of paint that we could, we brought back the vibrant orange this thing probably had right out of the factory. With our own printers in house, we made KeyBar racing panels for the sides and a one-off rising sun to adorn the back side.

And of course, what’s a JDM spec vehicle without an insanely obnoxious spoiler on the top! We have a lot more plans for what we have dubbed the “drift-lift” including led underglow, JDM stickers, and maybe a few more cool aesthetic touches to the shifters in store.

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