I love my KeyBar

Thank you, KeyBar, for making such a great product. Not only are they top quality, but they also do exactly what they are supposed to. I tried other keychains and never really liked how they looked. Very happy with my KeyBar and will recommend them to all my friends.
– Mike

Should have pulled the trigger sooner

I absolutely love not hearing my keys rattle when I’m driving or when they’re hanging off my belt. Took a few tries to get the bar setup the way I liked, those little spacers are great for getting keys to fit from one side to the other. The titanium clip’s green anodizing looks solid next to the aluminum. Great product, guys!
– Dale

Great product!

I love my KeyBar. No noise, and no keys jabbing me in my pocket.
– Francisco

Highly recommended

No more keys piercing holes in my pockets.
– Stephan Parelius

Great product

The KeyBar is great. It feels solid and feels like I have less keys in my pocket now. I recommend putting your most used keys toward the center. It just makes it easier to get the key you need quickly, or KeyBar offers accessories to help with that. Thanks KeyBar.
– Isaac

The best key holder ever made!

The KeyBar is by far the best key holder. It is stronger, easier to use, and one size fits all. I compared the KeyBar to others and it was better in every category. Now since getting it I can say it is well worth the extra cost to get this. I have a friend at work who got the smart competitor a couple of days before I received my Bar. It looks much less substantial, and he has a hard time fitting the keys and making it tight due to the design. If you are looking for a key holder, you have found the best right here. You will not regret buying one!
– Steve Brenner

11 years I’ve annoyed my wife with my jingling keys

I’ve been married for 11 years and have always annoyed the wife with the big carabiner hanging from my belt loop jingling with every step. NO MORE. Such an awesome product, and very well made. Can’t recommend KeyBar enough!
– Shane

No more sleigh bells

Keys are silent, organized, and easy to access. Takes a few times to get the hang of things, but once you got it it’s already done. The first day at work with the KeyBar I was like a ninja, no more jingling all over the damn place (finally).
– R. Taylor

Simple and functional

After running through O’Hare airport to catch my connecting flight, I had enough of the noise coming from my keys. I had it, sounding like the key master or Mr. Jingling. I love the design, quality, and the function. #stopthenoise
– Pizzi