Titanium Whachamacallit Tool Insert


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  • Made of 100% Titanium
  • Laser Engraved Ruler with 1/16″ increments
  • Multiple functions including bottle opener and prybar
  • Fits full size and JR

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Trying to simplify your KeyBar to it’s max potential? The Titanium Whachamacallit Tool Insert is KeyBar’s all-in-one insert for KeyBar and KeyBar JRs. This insert has so many functionalities, its insane to think about just how we managed to fit them all into such a small package. The tool has a chamfered end to be used as a prybar, followed by a bottle opener cut out and a ridge indented finger rest for added torque when using the aforementioned functions. That ridge line also doubles as a cap-grip opener when seated and closed into the KeyBar. On the flip side there’s a laser engraved ruler with 1/16″ increments for those times you need to take small measurements without having to whip out a flimsy tape measurer. Even more?? The thumbstud switch also acts as a small nail file, and yet again, KeyBar logo side has the same cuts to be utilized as a forever-strike!

39 reviews for Titanium Whachamacallit Tool Insert

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  1. The file end tab thingy stubby piece is not very useful, a full length file tool would be so awesome.

  2. I’ve been a big fan of the KeyBar since it moves other things that are loose in my pocket to a dedicated location that’s easy to access, but not floating around.

  3. The perfect little all around tool. Open bottles with ease, pry open that pesky ac panel, or to grab a quick size of a bolt, this and boy will come in clutch

  4. Very cool look and functional.

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