Titanium Whachamacallit Tool Insert


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  • Made of 100% Titanium
  • Laser Engraved Ruler with 1/16″ increments
  • Multiple functions including bottle opener and prybar
  • Fits full size and JR

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Trying to simplify your KeyBar to it’s max potential? The Titanium Whachamacallit Tool Insert is KeyBar’s all-in-one insert for KeyBar and KeyBar JRs. This insert has so many functionalities, its insane to think about just how we managed to fit them all into such a small package. The tool has a chamfered end to be used as a prybar, followed by a bottle opener cut out and a ridge indented finger rest for added torque when using the aforementioned functions. That ridge line also doubles as a cap-grip opener when seated and closed into the KeyBar. On the flip side there’s a laser engraved ruler with 1/16″ increments for those times you need to take small measurements without having to whip out a flimsy tape measurer. Even more?? The thumbstud switch also acts as a small nail file, and yet again, KeyBar logo side has the same cuts to be utilized as a forever-strike!

34 reviews for Titanium Whachamacallit Tool Insert

  1. Clint M. (verified owner)

    Great additional tool!

  2. ROBIN T. (verified owner)

    Excellent accessory-Much better than the bottle bomber in terms of usability.

  3. Ion (verified owner)

    Very nice. Replace one of the features I use the most of my swiss knife. A lock in open position would be very useful though.

  4. Adam Aramino II (verified owner)

    Works great, pryed some stuff and scratched my nails, will definitely use it more!

  5. Jeff (verified owner)

    Multi-use, multi-purpose, multi-reason to buy one more!

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