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Titanium Tweezers specially designed for the KeyBar. Designed to perfectly nest along with your keys and designed sturdy and precise to hold up to years of use. Pick up our Pick and create a set!

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Titanium Tweezers specially designed for the KeyBar. Designed to perfectly nest along with your keys and designed sturdy and precise to hold up to years of use.

39 reviews for Titanium Tweezers Insert

  1. David U. (verified owner)

    If you’re always getting metal shards under your skin. These are for you.

  2. Stephen Matherson (verified owner)

    Never underestimate the need to hold something VERY carefully…

  3. Daymin M. (verified owner)

    Highly recommend, one if my favorite acceosties

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Ayden H. (verified owner)

    Handy as hell!!! I always get metal shaving in my hands @ work and these have been a life saver.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Juan S. (verified owner)

    Very useful, especially out on the ranch when I get a cactus thorn or a splinter from a fence post.

  8. JAMES L. (verified owner)

    Great addition.

  9. randystowers91 (verified owner)

    Not able to grasp small objects. Im curious as to why my first review was rejected too.

  10. 鉄兵 指方 (verified owner)

  11. daniel86010 (verified owner)

    These are a great add on I work with a lot of wood & get a lot of splinters so having tweezers on hand is a great add on.

  12. William Y. (verified owner)

    They are pretty awesome.

  13. Tyler (verified owner)

  14. Robert N. (verified owner)

  15. Eric LITTLE (verified owner)

  16. Shelby S. (verified owner)

    my fiancé loves them!!! awesome buy!

  17. Alexander (verified owner)

  18. Sterling S. (verified owner)

    Very sturdy

  19. A. Knight (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome, fit and finish are superb!

  20. Ryan (verified owner)

    These tweezers are perfect. I got it in the multicolor offering and it looks amazing! The tips are sharp and effective!

  21. Garry (verified owner)

    Love this tweezer

  22. Kenneth (verified owner)

    In a short time many splinters have been removed…not sure why so many splinters lately. But hey great little addition

  23. Tyson Bristol (verified owner)

    So convenient, I use them all the time!

  24. Chris P. (verified owner)

    Great product looking into buying more inserts if my college budget will let me!

  25. Dee (verified owner)

    Strong tweezers that work well

  26. halljay29 (verified owner)

    Best tweezers to date amazing product.

  27. Bobby L Strunk (verified owner)

    It was the only thing my multitool was missing and they work great. Can’t complain about them at all

  28. Ramiro (verified owner)

    Pretty handy to have in emergencies.

  29. Patrick D. (verified owner)

    Everything I’ve received from Keybar I’d absolutely built to last. How they do things, color the metals, etch,etc. Amazing work. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for me

  30. Alexander (verified owner)

    Picked this up so I would always have tweezers on me for geocaching. Works perfectly for my use.

  31. Coby S. (verified owner)

    Great for the outdoors!

  32. Mark Berman (verified owner)

    perfect for when less is more!

  33. Eric Linden (verified owner)

    Work very well, Glade I bought them.

  34. willim B. (verified owner)

    Looks like it will work great it’s straight and aligned very well

  35. Austin B. (verified owner)

    Great set of tweezers. They actually get the job done when needed!

  36. Wei Hoong K. (verified owner)

    The tips of the tweezers could be a bit flatter and sharper to be a bit more precise.

  37. Chris D. (verified owner)

    Nail nick is nice, tweezers don’t open as much as I’d like but they grip very well

  38. Juan S. (verified owner)

    Always convenient to have a tweezers handy when you get a metal sliver at work.

  39. hardgravek71 (verified owner)

    Well made! Works good.

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