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Our 5 newly updated tool inserts are designed to work with a lock for extra security when in use. For Full Size KeyBars, the lock needs two of the new tools; the JR Size only uses one tool per lock. For a full size KeyBar, you’ll receive the Mini Utility Tool (MUT) tool insert, the second tool insert you select below, plus the full size lock. For the JR size KeyBar, you’ll receive the MUT tool insert plus the JR size lock.

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The Mini Utility tool with titanium body and steel blades. Tool includes ten replacement blades. Replacement mini utility blades are available at Harbor Freight. Blade can be removed without having to disassemble your KeyBar.

Blade Installation Instructions

To install the blade, open the tension plate all the way to expose the pocket.  Drop the razor blade into place, making sure it is flat in the pocket so that it is secure.  Close tension plate. Mini Utility Tool Insert is ready for use.


The KeyBar Mini Utility Tool Insert is intended for use with your KeyBar product.  The Mini Utility Tool Insert is, of course, very sharp and could cause bodily injury if not handled carefully.  Users of the KeyBar Mini Utility Tool Insert should take special care to ensure that the blade insert itself is not left exposed when not in use, and that it is folded fully into the closed position.  Never use the Mini Utility Tool Insert while otherwise occupied or distracted, such as when operating a motor vehicle.  Users of the Mini Utility Tool Insert should also use extreme caution when using the Mini Utility Tool Insert, as there is the potential for bodily injury.   The Mini Utility Tool Insert is not a toy, and is likewise not intended to be used as a hunting, or similar knife, and will not withstand forces necessary to cut through thick or solid materials.  The Mini Utility Tool Insert is not a replacement for ordinary, or everyday knives, but is only intended for very light use.  KeyBar, LLC is not responsible for any injury caused by misuse of the Mini Utility Tool Insert or negligence on the part of its owner or user.

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  1. This thing is fantastic. I had the original version and the detent upgrade is flawless. Don’t have to worry about an accidental open blade.

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