Morph Spiral Titanium KeyBar JR

Retro Sleek Styling

From: $59.95

  • Compact and minimalist key/tool  organizer
  • CNC Milled line work for a modern/retro look
  • Made of 100% titanium 


The KeyBar JR is our most minimalist KeyBar, was designed for convenience and carrying only the essentials. The Morph Spiral Titanium KeyBar JR features stunning CNC milled line work that flows around the natural shape of the KeyBar JR. Hence the name “Morph Spiral”. It’s then laser polished for an obsessively clean finish and shine to add more contrast to the incredible line work.

What’s included?

    • Clamshell Packaging
    • (1) Morph Spiral Titanium KeyBar Jr
    • (2) 1/2″ screws (4-5 keys)
    • (12) Washers
    • (2) O rings (allows you to adjust the tension)
    • (1) Titanium key fob link

    Will my keys fit?

    Use the following dimensions to find out:

    • Length of the KeyBar – 3.0625″
    • Width of rounded end – .95″
    • Distance between screw holes – 2.25″
    • Screw post diameter – .164″

How much does the KeyBar weigh?

    • Less than 2 ounces
    • Less than 4 house keys

    What can I put in the KeyBar JR?

    • 4-5 keys and inserts with included screws
    • Up to 28 keys and inserts with extension screws