Keyrabiner 4.0 Insert

Great For MagNuts!

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A thicker, longer version of our titanium Keyrabiner 3.0, the 4.0 works excellent with items such as the Para-Coil Retractor, MagNuts, backpacks and any other gear. When used in the KeyBar, it smoothly folds within when not needed.

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The Keyrabiner 4.0 is here – and it’s more durable than ever! When creating the 4.0 model, we wanted to enhance the thin, lightweight features of the 3.0 Keyrabiner; however, we really wanted to apply some of the durable and easy-to-use features we loved about the classic 2.0 Keyrabiner.

By upgrading the fundamentals of what we and our community love about this insert, we’re able to create the best Keyrabiner yet! Each individual Keyrabiner is made of pure titanium. The functionality is designed to act like a carabiner and can fold into the KeyBar for convenient storage. To ensure complete quality control, each Keyrabiner is crafted with our water jet right here in the USA.

42 reviews for Keyrabiner 4.0 Insert

  1. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great product awesome design Thanks

  2. Michael Metzger (verified owner)

  3. Pierce Richardson (verified owner)

    Way better than the 3.0. I like that the tab is on the inside and not the outside.

  4. Alex (verified owner)

  5. David C. (verified owner)

  6. Jason L. (verified owner)

    Well made and thought out

  7. David (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. A bit over-priced though.

  8. Isaac Beerman (verified owner)

  9. Robert (verified owner)

    Well made. Shortened my attachments by not having to use additional clips or split rings.

  10. Jared (verified owner)

  11. darkwish98 (verified owner)

    This is the one insert i could go without on my keybar, but thats just personal preference.
    Its very sturdy for sure, works great! Pretty thick as well, which translates in making your keybar thicker, just keep that in mind if you other inserts.

  12. brandon e. (verified owner)

  13. daniel86010 (verified owner)

    Works great for connecting to my edc backpack & my belt.

  14. William R. (verified owner)

  15. jared (verified owner)

    Prefect addition to any keybar

  16. phillip (verified owner)

  17. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great for hooking on to your belt loop or backpack.

  18. Matthew Moses (verified owner)

    Great insert!!! Love that a clip is built in! Allows for quick and easy access. Also gives you a vast variety of carry options.

  19. Christopher H. (verified owner)

  20. Chris Borghardt (verified owner)

    I received a Keybar from a friend as a birthday gift and also in celebration of him getting his citizenship. It was the 2019 Fourth of July model. The Keybar was great for carrying my personal keys, but I was wanting something that would be good for easy of use with my work keys. It does exactly what I hoped it would do. I wanted something that would make carrying my works keys easier and it does exactly that.

  21. Treb Bates (verified owner)

  22. Stuart Franco (verified owner)

  23. Gerardo Estrada (verified owner)

  24. Lorene (verified owner)

    fits nicely on my work pants, should have gotten the larger size for those rare times when I where jeans to work.

  25. Christopher H. (verified owner)

  26. Alfredo Rangel (verified owner)

  27. Daniel (verified owner)

    It works perfectly for keys. I also have my Costco gas fob on one. Very easy to remove keys and fobs and put them back in.

  28. Eric Niles (verified owner)

    It’s awesome, I had been using a small carabiner through the lanyard loop and it just made my keys to long to fit in my pocket. But with the keyrabiner my car key fits perfectly and securely on my KeyBar.

  29. Juan R. (verified owner)

    It is so convenient to quick attach my KeyBar with a Keyrabiner 4.0 to a bag or any other loop, and to then put it away after I’m done using it. I loved it so much, that I bought the bigger Keyrabiner 5.0 right after it.

  30. Bruce (verified owner)

    Great for keeping up with fobs and oversized keys.

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Prefer this over the key ring it comes with, it allows for a quick release

  32. Sterling S. (verified owner)

    Nice little clip

  33. Scott (verified owner)

    Clips to webbing on my pack or “D” ring, belt lop. Here again, what I needed.

  34. Ryan (verified owner)

    Got this in bronze and it matches my Micarta JR perfect. Works perfect with my coyote paracoil.

  35. KHALED (verified owner)

    Nice, cool and useful tool

  36. Gino H. (verified owner)

    It’s simple sleek and does the job the job. What more can you ask for? It works well latched to my paracoil. Now I never loose my key!

  37. Thanat M. (verified owner)

    Very easy to use, due to the larger and longer gate than older version.

  38. Brent G. (verified owner)

    The Keyrabiner 4.0 anodized blue looks great and functions well. I prefer the 3.0 for the magnuts but all in all a great product.

  39. Brandon G. (verified owner)

    clips well to belt loops

  40. Eduardo (verified owner)

    very smooth gate. I was surprised at how well it worked.

  41. SCOTT T. (verified owner)

    I was tired of having 15 keys hanging from my belt. The keybar has helped me organize and keep things to a minimum.

  42. Wei Hoong K. (verified owner)

    Works great. i use it opposite to the clip so i can clip an additional EDC item to it.

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