Full Carbon Fiber

Smooth, Lightweight, & Tougher

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From: $89.95

  • Features Upgraded Carbon Fiber Material
  • Pressed Carbon Plated
  • Extra Smooth & Durable Surfaces


Carbon Fiber has become the staple material of choice for just about everything from supercars to aerospace parts. So, being a machining company, we of course had to use it to build a KeyBar. It’s lightweight, lasting, and tough qualities just make it a perfect material for a pocket carry key organizer. Plus, the pattern produced from carbon fiber just looks cool and when you see it, you know it means business.

What’s included?

      • (1) Branded hinged tin
      • (1) KeyBar with a titanium pocket clip included
      • Comes with Heat Treated Stainless Steel Screws
      • (2) 1/2″ screws (up to 4 keys)
      • (2) 3/4″ screws (up to 8 keys)
      • (2) 7/8″ screws (up to 12 keys)
      • (18) Washers
      • (2) O rings (allows you to adjust the tension)
      • (1) Titanium key fob link

    Will my keys fit?

    Use the following dimensions to find out:

      • Length of the KeyBar – 3.5″
      • Width of each rounded end – .95″
      • Distance between screw holes – 2.55″
      • Screw post diameter – .164″

How much does the KeyBar weigh?

      • Less than 2 ounces
      • Less than 4 house keys

    What can I put in the KeyBar?

      • Up to 12 keys and inserts with included screws
      • Up to 28 keys and inserts with extension screws

19 reviews for Full Carbon Fiber

  1. NIKOLAS D. (verified owner)

  2. Timothy (verified owner)

    I’m really liking having all of my keys organized and in the same spot every time. Quality hardware, full carbon fiber looks awesome. If I could make one improvement; it would be to sand the outer edges of the carbon with a higher grit for a smoother finish.

  3. Jenna (verified owner)

    Great, compact, and light way to store all my keys.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Michael Metzger (verified owner)

    The best

  6. Ronald H. (verified owner)


  7. Tyler Salive (verified owner)

  8. edyeser O. (verified owner)

    In love with my full carbon fiber key bar thank you .

  9. Luis C. (verified owner)

    Love the carbon fiber look and feel, put a stop to the noise and feels great in my pocket or on a clip! You guys killed it with this thing

  10. Wu Fei (verified owner)

    simply the best

  11. Lance (verified owner)

    This is beautiful!!! I love the full carbon fiber!! So lightweight and super smooth and shiny! Paired with the deap carry 2.0 and it is my best KeyBar combo so far!!

  12. Dale Gordon (verified owner)

    Love it. Very light weight and looks cool

  13. Allen (verified owner)

    Love it!

  14. David A (verified owner)

    The full carbon fiber Key Bar is great. I am very happy that I chose the CF because it is very light and doesn’t scratch whatever else I am carrying in my pocket. It was fairly easy to place my keys and ended up using the intermediate screws to accommodate everything. After a little rearranging with the washers, I was able to space the keys so they fold out/in perfectly. An excellent key organizer and highly recommended….not to mention, very cool looking!

  15. Ian (verified owner)

    Simple yet amazing for keeping my keys organized and no more tacky lanyards!

  16. JOHN BRUBAKER (verified owner)

    The best $79.95 I’ve ever spent.

  17. Aaron (verified owner)

    very lightweight and just as functional as its metal counterpart

  18. Rick Betti (verified owner)

    You cannot go wrong with carbon fiber.

  19. bryan M. (verified owner)

    Awesome keybar, light but you can feel the quality! This is my 2 one in 5 years!

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