Deep Carry Clip 2.0

New And Improved

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The enhanced deep carry comes in titanium and can fit any KeyBar that features the cutout slot for our regular clip. The clip will not work with KeyBars that have milled clips that screw onto the KeyBar. The clip features a thicker body, providing more durability and stability in your pocket.

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We have designed an enhanced, deep carry clip to fit any KeyBar that features the cutout slot for our regular clip. The clip will not work with KeyBars that have milled clips that screw onto the KeyBar. These clips are made out of grade 5 titanium and are cut in-house with our water jet. Features of the enhanced design include a thicker and more durable structure. The clips also feature a smooth, surface finish.

The bottom end of the clip is a lot thicker to provide more stability in your pocket. When connecting the clip to the back plate of the KeyBar, we replaced the traditional circular cutout with a square cutout to allow the screw to connect easier for an easier assembly.

46 reviews for Deep Carry Clip 2.0

  1. Joseph Rolfi (verified owner)

  2. Lance (verified owner)

    This is my favorite clip made for KeyBars so far!!

  3. Mauricio Q. (verified owner)

    Love it because now I can carry it without feeling like it would slip out!! Super great product and delivered in a timely manner. Definitely recommend this company and product to anyone!!

  4. Gregory Magnanti (verified owner)

    Carrie’s deep, slips on the pocket easily. Great addition.

  5. Augusto Pitanga (verified owner)

  6. Francis K. (verified owner)

    Provides deep carry of your KeyBar.

  7. Jaime Perez (verified owner)

    Fits great in pocket

  8. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Very Deep

  9. Pierce (verified owner)

  10. John (verified owner)

  11. Adrian Pena (verified owner)

  12. Almog L. (verified owner)

  13. Austin M. (verified owner)

    Pretty happy with the deep carry clip, I feel more secure that my keys are in my pocket and wont come out.

  14. RAUL (verified owner)

    Amazing, keeps my keybar more deep in my pocket!

  15. L J (verified owner)

  16. Paul Skarinka (verified owner)

  17. Eric LITTLE (verified owner)

  18. weiser470 (verified owner)


  19. Justin A. (verified owner)

    Definitely worth it. It’s sturdy and keeps the Keybar secure.

  20. Michael (verified owner)

    Honestly the deep carry clip is why I switch from the keysmart. Plus this is a great quality clip. Pricey but great.

  21. Richard D. (verified owner)

    Very good retention, live how easy it makes accessing my keybar.

  22. Allen (verified owner)

    Looks great!

  23. Gerard (verified owner)

    Much better than the original clip!

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    High quality 2.0 deep carry clip, love it! Definitely worth the upgrade.

  25. Michael Holdstock (verified owner)

    Great, sturdy clip.

  26. Justin H. (verified owner)

    Much improved over the stock clip, very deep carry and secure while also easy to retrieve and stow! A must if you want to deep carry your Keybar.

  27. Bruce (verified owner)

    Very strong clip. No danger of losing your keys.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best pocket clip ever

  29. Juan L. (verified owner)

  30. Juan cruz (verified owner)

  31. Alexander (verified owner)

  32. Sterling S. (verified owner)

    Very sturdy clip. Not using it at the moment but I installed it anyway.

  33. Peter S. (verified owner)

    I got one of these for my keybar and I really liked it so I ordered another one for my other keybar.

  34. Bobby B. (verified owner)

    Easy to install, and does what it’s meant to do. Also has just the right amount of tension so that it’s easy to get clipped one-handed, but won’t fall out.

  35. Garry (verified owner)

    Very solid build

  36. Richard Harrington (verified owner)

    😷 Awesome clip. Much nicer and worth the upcharge for the 2.0. My other 2 key bars have the older deep carry. 2.0 is much beefier.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fantastic quality

  38. ayoub A. (verified owner)

    I love it

  39. Mark B. (verified owner)

    Best option for me to always have my work keys readily accessible

  40. Jim (verified owner)

    Like the deep carrying clip. Great you can choose different color wish there’s different designs to select from

  41. Martin A. (verified owner)

    Perfect clip for my keybar. Easy access in and out of my pockets

  42. Fergal (verified owner)

    It works

  43. David A (verified owner)

    This was a great addition to the full carbon fiber Key Bar. The clip is very robust, attaches easily to my pocket, and the deep carry it provides, keeps the keys handy but not sticking out of my pocket. A very highly recommended upgrade!

  44. Richard Harrington (verified owner)

    Love these beefier deep carry clips.

  45. Wesley (verified owner)

    A really welcome upgrade over the standard pocket clip, was skeptical about it dropping out of my pocket while using the standard pocket clip, but with this, it feels so much more secure, you know its there, you know it’ll stay there.

  46. Ian (verified owner)

    Loved that I was able to color match my clip to my EDC light

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