Black Anodized Aluminum Freedom

Lightweight & durable

(18 customer reviews)

From: $49.95

  • Anodized matte black finish
  • American flag on front and US Constitution on back
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum


Get organized and Stop the Noise with our full sized Black Aluminum Freedom KeyBar. Made of high-end aircraft-grade aluminum, engraved with an American Flag on the front side and the US Constitution on the back, and anodized in matte black. Represent your patriotism with one of these bad boys as your EDC organizer.

What’s included?

      • (1) Branded hinged tin
      • (1) KeyBar with a removable titanium pocket clip in the color of your choice
      • Comes with Stainless Steel Screws
      • (2) 1/2″ screws (up to 4 keys)
      • (2) 3/4″ screws (up to 8 keys)
      • (2) 7/8″ screws (up to 12 keys)
      • (18) Washers
      • (2) O rings (allows you to adjust the tension)
      • (1) Titanium key fob link

    Will my keys fit?

    Use the following dimensions to find out:

      • Length of the KeyBar – 3.5″
      • Width of each rounded end – .95″
      • Distance between screw holes – 2.55″
      • Screw post diameter – .164″

How much does the KeyBar weigh?

      • Less than 2 ounces
      • Less than 4 house keys

    What can I put in the KeyBar?

      • Up to 12 keys and inserts with included screws
      • Up to 28 keys and inserts with extension screws

18 reviews for Black Anodized Aluminum Freedom

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first. Once I received keybar, i realized that i should have bought one along time ago. I could sneek up on a ninja now. It’s so nice not to hear keys jingling when i walk. The finish on the freedom bar is tough as nails. The only thing i found was that the carbon fiber pocket clip didn’t have enough tension to securely stay in place. I ordered the regular metal clip which solved the problem.

  2. Bernice Belanger (verified owner)

  3. Nathan Washburn (verified owner)

    This was a gift, which do greatly enjoy.

  4. Austin Lambert (verified owner)

    Great product, organized and sleek

  5. Kirsty Pitcher (verified owner)

    I bought this amazing key bar for my husband for his birthday and he’s absolutely amazed by it!

  6. Taylor H. (verified owner)

    I use to use a KeySmart and my KeyBar is a 10 compared to the KeySmart maybe 4. Good sturdy, reliable manufacturing. Good size stronger screws to hold all my keys. I’m very happy with my KeyBar

  7. Christopher Grover (verified owner)

    Great workmanship looks as it should and it works great !!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A wad of keys ended up organized very well.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Timothy Guthy (verified owner)

    I’m super stoked with this keybar. Especially since the customer service went above and beyond by sending me a replacement one and pocket clip at no charge because I lost mine. So thank you Keybar Customer Service.

  12. Brennan M. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t ask for better. Everyone at work envies it. Keeps me from feeling like a janitor. Also great on my motorcycles.

  13. Jared m. (verified owner)

    Very nice and easy to use and it keeps the keys real organized.

  14. Rachel (verified owner)

    Really nice looking, I hope the design holds up against my fathers brutal handling. I really appreciated having the extra screws, he doesn’t have a ton of keys, but I had to insert a bluetooth tracker since his last organizer was lost and that took up a bit of space that required me to switch to longer screws. On the upside, losing his last organizer meant he got a KeyBar replacement, which he loves way more than his lost, non-KeyBar one.

  15. Stefano M. (verified owner)

    The KeyBar itself is sturdy, feels and looks nice, and seems like high quality metal.

  16. brandon Mahoney (verified owner)

    One of the greatest gadgets I’ve ever purchased.

  17. Bret Luedtke (verified owner)

    I’m never going back to a key ring. The Key Bar is super ergonomic for EDC.

  18. Bobby Marshall (verified owner)

    This KeyBar is totally BADASS looking!!! Bought for an employee for Christmas!!

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