NEW CNC Machine at KeyBar

Recently we acquired a new, smaller CNC machine to accompany our larger model. For the most part, buying a new machine means more room for producing more product volume. Though that may be half of the case, adding an additional smaller CNC means something a little more to the creative team at KeyBar® and the mind of owner Mike Taylor. We get to have more fun and room for experimenting.

With KeyBar®’s ever-growing popularity, the ability to design new CNC cut KeyBars like those of the past has been a little more limited due to the high volume of inserts, accessories, and standard KeyBar and KeyBar JR models being cut in our current (and originally only) machine. The addition of a new, smaller version allows us to both speed up production time of all of our current applications but also expand back to some really cool and intricate designs that can only be forged using CAD designs and CNC milling. If you follow our Instagram or Facebook accounts, you may have noticed the limited one-offs we’ve been posting on the stories. That’s because of this new big boy toy we’ve acquired allows us to be able to flex that creativity once again.

Contour Titanium KeyBar JR

From this experimentation, we’ve brought on a limited run model of the Morph Spiral KeyBar JR. So far, we’ve showed it off with a titanium version, a copper version and have looked into extending the design into the full size KeyBar range. That being said, the success of that limited run model (as pretty as it was) will not be the end of our engineering and design prowess. As the social media story posts have shown, we’re just getting started with what we can accomplish with the addition of this new machine.

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