A New, Smaller Key Organizer: KeyBar Jr.

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During this past week, we released our newest design for the KeyBar known as the KeyBar Jr. The KeyBar Jr. is our solution for people who desire a smaller, sleeker design than the traditional KeyBar. Our goal was to create a simplified version of the KeyBar that excludes features such as the pocket clip to make the Jr. model more of a compact key holder. We wanted an entry-level key organizer that was smaller and had a great price point, which is exactly what we did.

The Design Behind KeyBar Jr.

As mentioned above, our biggest concern with creating KeyBar Jr. was creating a KeyBar that is smaller in design, but still durable and optimal for storing keys. You can fit up to 5 keys with the standard screw set that comes with it. Since we kept the same components from the standard KeyBar design, you can add extension screws to the KeyBar Jr. and a fob link to attach any of your key fobs. This is also the same with our inserts, which you can add as well. KeyBar Jr. has slimmed down the traditional size of a KeyBar, but keeps all of the original functionality.

To make the KeyBar Jr. smaller, we slightly decreased the overall length. The standard KeyBar has a length of 3.5 inches while the KeyBar Jr. has a length that’s just over 3 inches. The main difference in the KeyBar Jr. is the right side being less rounded and more narrow, which ends up using less space. This allows the smaller KeyBar to take up less space in your pocket or be put in the key pocket of your jeans. 

KeyBar Jr Bomber Key Holder

A ‘Mini’ Key Holder With Quality!

When designing our new KeyBar model, the biggest intent was to keep our consistency with creating high-quality products. Like all of our original KeyBar models, the KeyBar Jr. is made right here in Savannah, GA. We have even created our own blister packaging design that we use to package every KeyBar Jr. in-house.  The material we use for the Junior. model is the same aluminum for all of our aluminum-based KeyBar models. It is the same thickness as a standard KeyBar for assured durability and a long-lasting key organizer. 

While other key holders are made overseas and produced using cheap plastics, we guarantee that the amount of quality in a KeyBar Jr. far exceeds other key storage devices. For a KeyBar made in the USA at a starting price at $19.95, the quality is incomparable.

Our Goal

By creating our new KeyBar Jr. design, we achieved our goal to make a well-functioning key organizer accessible and usable for anyone. We’ve listened to your feedback about KeyBar and wanted to create something the KeyBar Army has been waiting for. Everyone carries different items on a daily basis and some people do not have the space to carry a standard KeyBar. We’ve created a KeyBar that is practical for anyone for any situation given, while offering it at an affordable price.

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  1. This is great. It isn’t bulky and can fit comfortably into his jeans pocket. This is going to be perfect for my boyfriend. He hates filling his pockets up with stuff.

  2. This looks amazing! I only have to classic style keys now and this would be perfect! My current one seems like too much now I only have the 2 keys in it.

  3. I think this is an amazing starting place or gift idea for teens. Maybe they are now responsible enough to have a house key and they want to carry it in a cool way. The keybar jr is perfect for that.

  4. i had a keybar until a ‘friend’ stole it. i loved that thing, no more bulk in the pocket to stick you in the oddest, most uncomfy places. all keys in one place

  5. I love this design. The original KeyBar was flawless, but this is so sweet. This is perfect for dress atire or for people who want a keybar, but not the bulk of a full size organizer. Mike is da man.

  6. I am so excited for the KeyBar Jr.! Love that you guys are making the wonderful original even smaller! It will fit better in my jeans inferior lady pockets.

  7. This jr keybar is something I am definitely looking forward to since I don’t like having bulky pockets. This will also give me the opportunity to get multiple jr keybars and leave it in my car for when I need it or in my room.

  8. Awesome! I think the junior looks great with the old airplane face style engraving you guys do! Couldn’t think of the proper term 😅🤦‍♂️ but they look awesome, I’d like to pick a junior up! My titanium keybar stays at work with all of my maintenance keys on it! I could use a junior for just my house key and whatnot!

    Keybar Army for life. No other key organizer can compare, and boy do they try

  9. this one,KeybarJr. is really smart stuff! it will be very useful for me,with this gadget i can´t lost some from my many keys,more and the screw ,bottle opener,etc.. are nice bonus.

  10. I have a plain Jane aluminum key bar and I absolutely love it and I am thinking about getting one of these beautiful things for my girl keep up the good work

  11. This is a great idea and with Key Bars known high quality, I’m sure it will be very popular with people like me that may only require 3 or 4 keys sometimes or as a backup Key Bar. Great idea!

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