How KeyBar® Took a Leap Into the World of Off-Roading.

The Redeemer Black Truck Shackle by KeyBar

Since its inception, the KeyBar brand has kept the idea of creativity, experimenting and branching out as part of its core values. All things necessary to keep the life in a machine shop fun and exciting. When you have the tools and material at your disposal, it only makes sense to have a little fun with products outside of your comfort zone…or products that have to do with a lifelong hobby, just now obtainable given the progress made from one ingenious idea.

The Redeemer Machined Truck Shackle by KeyBar

With our roots planted in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, a place in the southern United States known for its beautiful coastal views and filled with culture. It was practically in our nature to be anything motor driven enthusiasts. We’ve had our fair share attending car shows, knife shows, and of course, 4×4 off-road shows meeting some of the baddest people in the game. And having grown up in this beautiful American heartland, we’ve had projects of our own on the side for our weekend warrior hobbies which included basically everything motor sports. Having owned plenty of trucks and other off-road vehicles and having worked on them endlessly in our at-home garages, and as anyone who has done this themselves knows, there seems to be a lack in some design qualities when it comes to buying generic off-road necessities. For instance, shackles.

The Redeemer Machined Truck Shackle by KeyBar

If you go online and search for a set of shackles to buy, there is no shortage in different companies producing high rated shackles in all sorts of different colors and towing capacities. But there is one thing missing for anyone that really wants to make their ride standout. Aesthetics. It seems almost every shackle set out there is just a half oval or hook shape. Literally…every…one. And yes, we get it, it’s a tried and true shape that holds up better than say, a square. But we’re KeyBar, and we dare to different and standout. And with our knowledge of off-roading and our craving to stand out, we produced the Redeemer Shackles. We knew they had to stand out. We knew prominence was key. And we knew they had to stand up to almost any competitive towing capacity.

So, to the drawing boards and countless hours of testing we went. We made them bold and in your face, something to be noticed with their unique angular, almost diamond shaped hook design. We made them sturdy and rugged – a solid thick piece of 6061 billet aluminum should do the trick. Color options may be limited but matte black cerakote or machined aluminum finishes go with basically any other color imaginable in terms of builds, right? Lastly, the moment of truth, testing done by a highly credible source, ACUREN Materials Engineering & Testing, to be specific, and man did the shackles come out on top. 20,000lbs is what we state as our max towing/lifting capacity, but testing showed our breakage point just north of 48,000lbs. And yes, we get a lot of questioning about why we use Grade-5 bolts instead of Grade-8. Our reasoning is simple and thanks to our souls poured into testing these. The Grade-8 snaps well before the Grade-5 bends.

And don’t expect this to be the last time KeyBar branches out from the ordinary. We’re still having fun.

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