Custom Image Examples

These images are just examples of the style of image that works best with our software; you are not required to select one of these images.  However, if you would like to use any of these images, please right-click on the image, save the image to your computer or device and then upload the image via the order form – do not take a screenshot.

Spartan Helmet

Spartan Helmet Image Type Example


Eagle image type example.

Punisher Skull

Punisher Skull Image Example


Image type example

EMS star of life

image type examples


Image type example.

Revolutionary War Silhouette

Image type example.


Image type example.

Surrender to None

Image type example.


Image type example.

Hog Image Example

This black and white clip-art of a hog is a great example of the image that works when customizing a KeyBar.

Star Image Example

Image example of a star that can be customized onto KeyBar.

Brad’s Roofing

Image example of logos that can be customized onto KeyBar.


This skull can be customized onto a KeyBar.

Dog Image Example

Dog Image that can be customized onto a KeyBar.