Dealer Application

Thanks for your interest in becoming a dealer!  US companies, please complete the application below.  International companies, please complete our International Dealer Application.

For information regarding our dealer products, packaging and pricing tiers, please review our Dealer Information page.

Once we have approved your application, we will issue your company a dealer number with which you can use to place your order via our online Dealer Order form.

For questions, email  Thank you!

Step 1 Contact & Company Information

Step 2 Payment Method

Credit References (Complete only if payment method requested is Net 30 Credit Account)

Step 3 Billing Information

Step 4 Shipping Address

Step 5 Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum order of 10 KeyBars
  • Payment due at time of order or Net 30 with approved credit account
  • Must adhere to MAP terms

Step 6 Additional Comments