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Hesitations and questions when purchasing a KeyBar

Looking at buying a KeyBar or one of our many other awesome products but still a little iffy on pulling the trigger? We’re here to help and answer some questions we get on a daily basis in regards to those looking at buying but still on the fence.

“There are too many choices, and I can’t decide what’s best for me”

We understand that picking out your first KeyBar can be a daunting task. There are so many design options, materials, sand sizes to choose from. Luckily we have a write up dedicated to going over all these fundamentals here (insert link to “Which KeyBar is right for me”).  There you’ll find detailed descriptions of all of our material options and keybar sizes and designs which will further help you on your journey to becoming a member of the KeyBar Army and making sure you make the right first choice.

“The prices are a little high, why shouldn’t I just buy from the competition?”

Unlike our competition, we pride ourselves in being a completely American Made company. Materials are sourced from US manufacturers and all of our products are designed, developed, and tested in one single location in Savannah, GA. The KeyBar is also far more than just a key organizer, it’s a completely customizable multitool! Adding in any of our many tool inserts in combination with your every day use keys makes for less pocket clutter and more functionality and ease of mind for your every day carry needs. We also offer one thing that the rest of our competition does not, and that is a lifetime warranty and guarantee. 

“What if something goes wrong? What if I cross thread my assembly or anything breaks?”

Easy! We guarantee and stand by our products FOR LIFE with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If anything were to go wrong, simply reach out to us via email or our contact form and we will help to resolve whatever issue may occur quicker than most. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and our reviews and testimonials prove this.

“I don’t have many keys, and I have a large car key fob, what purpose does a KeyBar have for me?”

This is a statement we come across far too often. Even a few of our own employees have this same concern, but each of them still carry a KeyBar in their pocket on a daily basis and show it off. Not just for loving the company they’re part of but for the simple fact of how much easier it has made their every day lives. While writing this, I only had 2 keys in my KeyBar, but moving to different apartments I’ve always had an ensemble of different keys being switched out. Owning a KeyBar has helped keep those keys organized so I know exactly what goes to what, and having them on my person so I never need to search for them. The addition of different tool inserts also makes for a wonderful little gadget. Why continue to add tools like bottle openers, flashlights, flash drives, and screw drivers to your key ring and have them jangle and make a mess of your pockets when you can consolidate them all in one beautiful, sleek, and rugged package? As for the car key fob…MagNuts are the best thing since sliced bread. Such a simple and wonderful accessory. Quickly detach and reattach your KeyBar from your bulky car key fob and never worry about having excessive weight on your vehicle’s ignition switch and also have ease of mind and comfort knowing they are extremely secured together when your out on your adventures.

In a motion to persuade you further, I hope that these answered questions that we frequently encounter will help you in making the right decision in purchasing a KeyBar or KeyBar JR and becoming a part of the KeyBar Army.

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