Blade Show 2021 Wrap Up

This year’s Blade Show was nothing short of an amazing success. Not just for KeyBar but for the entire EDC and knife making industry. Makers from all over the country brought their top and exclusive products and some of the best materials to appear on the market. We had makers drop by that we hadn’t seen in years. Customers with KeyBars still in use from our humbled beginnings and new generations of EDC collectors showing curious interest. We even formed a new friendship and partnership with our buddies at Vice Hardware who make some of the coolest minimalistic wallets we have ever seen.

There were laughs, stories, and excitement all around at any moment. What can we say…if it wasn’t for you guys, the entire community of makers and collectors, we wouldn’t be able to be where we are, and share all of our experiences together. 

But to all those that couldn’t make the show, we will be releasing some of those exclusives onto our website in extremely limited quantities. Best to follow us on our social media platforms as they will go quick when they drop.

Thank you all! Each and every one of you, and we are so looking forward to the next show!

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